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Success Stories

Here are a few success stories from WISDOM Coach® Karen. 

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Learning Neural Pathways helps young girl swim!

In this 5-minute video, I share how learning about neural pathways helped a young girl overcome fear to conquer swimming lessons. 


Neural Pathways is one of the skills that kids learn in the free Meet Your MindPower training!

Read the complete success story as featured on the Adventures in Wisdom website here.

7-year-old Mary Embraces New Teacher after Learning the 3 Steps for Managing Change

7-year-old Mary was getting a new teacher - mid year!  We all know how important a teacher is to a child in the 2nd grade. 7-year-old Mary was particularly fond of her teacher, so she was distressed when she learned her teacher would be leaving and she would be getting a teacher that she didn't know. Mary's parents were worried because Mary was already having tears at school drop off.

Read this article about how learning the 3 Steps for Managing Change changed everything for Mary.

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Confidence Coaching helps Girl have Successful First Day of School – and More!

Miss M's mother was worried. Her daughter was just shy of 6 years old and starting primary school in just 5 weeks.


But the week before, she had been too anxious to collect her pre-school graduation certificate at the presentation day, so the mother was worried about how Miss M would handle starting a new school.


See how Confidence Coaching not only helped Miss M have a great first day of school. Read the article here.

How Mindset Skills Helped 7-year-old Girl struggling with anxiety

7-year-old Emma had been struggling with anxiety for several years. This affected her and her family in numerious ways:

  • She hadn't gone to the bathroom by herself for about 3 years, after finding a giant spider in the toilet at age 5

  • She was afraid of an upcoming ski holiday to New Zealand

  • She was afraid to go to the movie theater even though she was desperate to see the new Mario movie

I recommended a 7-session "Empowering Emma Coaching Package" that taught her about her mind, how her anxiety and thoughts worked together, how to move through fear, and more.

In session 4, I taught the skill of self-talk and we created a plan for tackling her bathroom fears. We practiced her plan three times and then she went for real and has been going on her own ever since.

She also went to the movies, tackled a giant slide, and loved her trip to New Zealand.    

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