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Empower Happy Kids

Teaching kids how to use the power of their thoughts to create confidence, build resilience, move through anxiety, and go for it in life.

Kids aren't learning this in school!

It doesn't make sense..


Kids spend thousands of hours learning their ABCs and 123s, but they don't learn the most important skill in life - how to develop their mindset!

Which is the key to confidence, resilience, happiness, and success.

Kids transform when they learn how their mind works and they learn that THEY have the power to choose their thoughts and can shift their emotions!

These mindset skills are life-changing - for kids and their families!

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Kids with Capes

Why teach kids mindset skills?

No matter how much we love them, we can't GIVE our kids self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, or success in life.

But we CAN help them develop these gifts because these are mindset skills they can learn.

But the reality is that many grownups have never learned the brain science behind why these skills work.


And they don't have the tools that work for KIDS - so that kids will understand and remember to use the skills.

I help kids develop these skills by using fun coaching stories, discovery questions, and activities from the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum, so that kids learn, understand, and apply these skills - for life.

A Child Life Coach helps Kids Learn, Understand, and Practice mindset skills - so they Apply them to their Life!

Kids learn how to

  • Feel good about themselves - even when things don't go their way

  • Manage disappointments, change, mistakes, and failure - without getting down on themselves or giving up on themselves

  • Move through fear - so that they participate in life instead of standing on the sidelines

  • Develop a strong sense of self - so that they stand up to peer pressure and make good decisions, even when no one is looking 

  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs - and proactively create supportive beliefs 

  • Own their uniqueness and love who they are - even when they don't fit in 

  • Set and achieve goals - and feel confident to have a go

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How to get started - 3 easy steps

1.Free, no-obligation discovery call - we'll spend about half an hour discussing your child's situation and what "success" would look like for them and for you.

2.I recommend a plan for your child - if I think there's a fit, I'll recommend a plan for your child that outlines the skills they would benefit from and why, along with the coaching agreement.

3.We schedule your time and get your child excited about coaching - kids love coaching because it's so empowering and fun. But until they start, they have no neural pathways for it is, so they don't know how to think or feel about it. I help them get started!

Parent Checklist
Why might you add a WISDOM Coach to your parenting team?

I can help your child if...

  • You've noticed a change in your child's self-esteem - perhaps they're getting down on themselves, beating themselves up, are afraid to try, or thinking that no one likes them.

  • You want to help your child be more successful - in school, extracurricular activities, or friendships.​


  • Your child is going through a big change - like moving to a new home, a new school, or a change in the family.​

  • You see your kids struggling with confidence, anxiety, or shyness — and avoiding new things or new experiences.


  • ​You want to give your child a jumpstart in developing self-leadership skills - that will serve them for life​


  • You see your child making poor decisions with peers and you want to help them learn to make better decisions.

  • ​You're tired of the battles around homework, chores, and other responsibilities - and want them to take ownership

Home schooling

Rebecca T

"She now has confidence to do things on her own, change her own behaviour, and think in a positive way. Results that are long-lasting and my daughter lights up when she gets to see Karen."

Mel C

“Such a transformation from yesterday. I was nearly in tears watching how brave she was. She participated in everything!"

Lin T

“What you have taught him is so important to his mental health. I love the different goggles and looking at the world with a positive outlook is so important.”

About Karen Robertson

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Hi! I'm WISDOM Coach Karen and I just love teaching these mindset skills to kids.


I was over 40 years old when I first discovered the world of personal development and learned skills for noticing and shifting my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


I remember thinking, "Why didn't I learn this when I was a kid?"


And even more importantly, "Why don't I have a way to teach these skills to my sons?!" 

Both of my sons are dyslexic which made school extremely difficult, homework a battleground, and they each experienced bullying.


My sons are now grown and I know that having these skills would have made such a difference to them - and our family - if we'd had them.

As a certified WISDOM Coach®, I now have the curriculum and tools to teach mindset skills to kids, so that they can create confident and happy lives.

Adventures in Wisdom have been certifying coaches since 2013, and I'm thrilled to be a certifed WISDOM Coach helping kids and families this way.

Book a free discovery call to explore how WISDOM Coaching could help your child. 

Working With Children Check (Australia): WWC2490757E

Meet Your Coach


About the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum

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This story-based curriculum was specifically developed for kids 6-12 years old and covers 27 mindset skills in total. 


The skills sit within 5 key areas of social emotional development. 

  • MindPower - children learn about the power of their mind…how their thoughts shape their experiences and what they can do to shape their thoughts.  This is the key to self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience, achievement, and even happiness.  It gets deep into mindset…and the brain science behind it…and is the foundation for all of the skills children will develop.

  • InnerPower - children learn how to manage peer pressure. I support children in deciding WHO they want to be from a character level – developing their inner compass - specifically focusing on the skills of self-responsibility, integrity, respect, and self-respect. And once kids are grounded in WHO they want to be. I teach them a process for making decisions… and figuring out what they want for themselves so that they can say "No" to peer pressure and "Yes" to themselves.

  •  MePower - children discover…and own who they are – building powerful self-esteem from the inside out…so that how they feel about themselves doesn’t rise and fall with the ups and downs of growing up.  I also teach kids how to create confidence so they have an "I can” mindset.

  • DreamPower - children learn how to live life with intention versus drifting through life. And they learn the brain science of achievement along with tools to use to achieve their dreams.

  • Slaying Dragons - children learn how to deal with the tough stuff in life. They learn what causes fear and how to move through it to create courage. They develop skills for managing changes in life – whether it’s changing schools…or something as hard as divorcing parents…. And how to manage mistakes or move past disappointments.  Building these resilience and coping skills is critical and elps children learn how to navigate life without getting down on themselves or giving up on themselves.

Complete your details below and I will contact you about a Free Discovery Call.

Thank you for submitting your request. Karen will be in contact as soon as possible.

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